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Friday, April 29, 2011

LA Woman

This tutorial was written by Kaci on April 29, 2011. Any resemblance to any other tutorials is purely coincidental! You may not copy/paste any part of my tuts elsewhere, but you may text link to them for challenges etc!

Supplies Needed:

Temp390 by Missy, you can find it HERE
Tube or image of choice, I am using the fantastic artwork of Keith Garvey, you can find these tubes HERE
Scrapkit of choice, I am using a great kit by Vicki n Sky Scraps called Crunk, you can find it HERE, I used Vicki's pieces for this tut
Plugins: Penta's Jeans and Color Dot

Let's Begin!

Open your template
Hit shift d and close the original
Delete raster 1 & background
Colorize all dotted layers and wordart and wordart back
Apply penta color dot to rectangle, changing distance to around 10
Apply penta jeans to shape, changing amount to around 20
Select thin rectangle back
Select all, float, and defloat
Paste paper12 as a new layer
Invert your selection and hit delete
Select none
Delete thin rectangle back
Now merge the following layers together
Wordart, both backs, rectangle, thin rectangle papered, shape, and glitter back
Reposition as I have
Now delete both top thin rectangles and both left n right thin rectangles
Colorize your circles left and right to match
Select shape1
Select all, float, and defloat
Paste paper8 as a new layer
Invert your selection and hit delete
Select none
Delete shape1
Repeat for shape2
Select bottom rectangle
Select all, float, and defloat
Paste paper11 as a new layer
Invert your selection and hit delete
Select none
Delete bottom rectangle
Repeat for rectangle 2
Add your tube of choice
Resize and position as desired
Add any elements you like
Resize and position
Add any dropshadows you like
Crop and resize as desired
Add your name and copyright
Resize as desired

Thanks for trying my tut!


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